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Citizen Advisory Panel

Communities affected by nuclear facilities should have the ability to participate in matters that affect them. Citizens need a substantive role in order to clarify, negotiate and protect their community's interests. A Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) can be a mechanism to ensure greater community participation. The CAP would meet regularly to give meaningful input into decisions concerning health and safety. The CAP would function to educate their communities to the technology that exists in their neighborhood and its effects and advocate for their communities interests with regulators and corporations. Although the CAP is relevant to all stages of nuclear power production, it is especially relevant to site cleanup.

Visit the Public Service Department page for the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP)


Watch videos of the NDCAP meetings, from Brattleboro Community TV:

Read a factsheet about the CAP

Read a whitepaper on Citizen Advisory Boards

Read the Citizens Advisory Panel 2014 Annual Report to the Governor and the Vermont Legislature

Watch a video of the NRC public forum on VT Yankee, 2/19/15 in Brattleboro, from Brattleboro Community TV:


New Legal Conflicts Emerge In Battle Over Vermont Yankee

Peter Hirschfeld | VT Public Radio | March 9, 2015

Read/listen at VPR

[...] Derrik Jordan, a member of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel and a resident of Brattleboro, says he’s impressed with Vermont’s advocacy on behalf of residents.

“I think the state’s doing a great job,” Jordan says. “They had raised many questions in great detail about the PSDAR, and I think the public should know they’re really doing very well in terms of holding Entergy accountable for many issues in the that document.” [...]


Yankee winds down - And Vermont will remain involved

Rutland Herald commentary | Neil Sheehan, NRC's Region I Office | February 11, 2015

Read in full at the Rutland Herald (paywall)

[...] The halt to power production at the Vernon plant marks the end of an era for Vermont Yankee’s workforce and for the surrounding community. But now another phase in the facility’s life will begin as the first steps in what will be a lengthy decommissioning process get under way.

These efforts will receive attention from many quarters. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will have lead responsibility for overseeing the decommissioning activities and ensuring they are carried out safely and in accordance with federal requirements.

But the State of Vermont and a decommissioning advisory panel will also play important roles in monitoring developments at the approximately 125-acre site in coming years. [...]

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