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Take action!

Citizen action is crucial if Vermont is to end “business as usual” in the use and production of energy. It’s time to be heard! It’s time to turn Vermont Yankee off! The Vermont State Legislature Needs to Hear From You

• Tell Your Legislators to OPPOSE the continued operation of Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee after its original license expires in March 2012. You can find out who your legislators are and how to contact them by using the Vermont Legislator Directory.

• Ask your legislators to fully support all legislation increasing efficiency and conservation programs.

• Ask your legislators to fully support all legislation creating and implementing renewable energy technologies.

• Let Your Electric Provider Know You Don’t Want Electricity From Entergy.

• Call the electric company that provides your electricity in your community and ask them not to purchase electricity from Entergy Nuclear.

• Ask your electric provider to purchase its electricity from local, renewable technologies such as methane capture, wind, solar and the support of co-generation initiatives.

Involve Your Community

• Host a house party and get your friends and family to join in the effort.

• Write a letter to the editor explaining why Vermont Yankee must be closed.

• Organize outreach opportunities in your town like informational tables and rallies.

Commit to Decreasing the Amount of Electricity You Use

• Visit Efficiency Vermont and learn how to use electricity more efficiently.

• Try using less electricity by making changes in your life, such as: using compact fluorescent lightbulbs and using power strips to turn off appliances when not in use.

• Organize efforts in your community to decrease the amount of electricity your homes, schools, businesses and town buildings need.

Support Your Citizen Lobbyist in Montpelier

Donate time or funds to the effort to close and replace Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee. Contact Chris Williams with Vermont Citizens Action Network at (802) 767-9131.

VT Citizens Action Network PO Box 16 Hancock, VT 05748 Tel: (802) 767-4276 Email: cevan@sover.net